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Why I use T-shirt Yarn?

Well, that is a great question.

There are two main reasons I use T-shirt yarn. It's 100% Recycled and the chunky factor. 

I purchase my Tshirt yarn from a wonderful supplier, Ministry of Yarn Co, their T-shirt yarn is made from the fabric roll remnants of t-shirt manufacturing. So basically, when your tshirts are being made, this gorgeous yarn is made from the left over bits. So by making something amazing from T-shirt yarn, I am saving it from landfill, if in turn you then put it in your house, you are also saving it from landfill (or more likely becoming one of the 1000s of baskets I already have in my home). 

So no, I'm not running around to op shops trying to find a 100 tshirts in the same colour, just so I can make one giant basket. I have tried making my own tshirt yarn from old clothes, lets just say I should leave it to the experts. If you would like to try making your own, The Spruce Crafts have an awesome tutorial. I've seen some wonderful knotted bathmats made this way and they look fantastic!

So about the chunky factor, I have always been a lazy crocheter. I know, there are so many pretty things on my website, how could I possibly be lazy you ask? Well, I like things to hurry up and be finished. So the appeal of creating with t-shirt yarn is how quickly the projects work up compared to your average blanket. I have approximately four unfinished blanket projects going at the same time, but no unfinished baskets, very curious indeed.

To crochet tshirt yarn I normally use a size 7mm to a 15mm hook, depending on the thickness of the yarn. Which when you compare this is a 4mm hook for a baby blanket, wowsers.

A third bonus reason? T-shirt yarn is so versatile, if you have been on Pinterest or anywhere else on the web you would have found about 1000 ways you can use tshirt yarn. It can be used for crochet, macrame, knotting, weaving, knitting and I'm sure I've missed something! Depending on tension you can make a hard rigid basket or a floppy bowl, its also strong and hard wearing. Yep, I love it!



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  • I just love these and the idea that it’s all made from recycled fabric that has not gone to landfill. Amazing!

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